Wiki Loves Earth In Nigeria 2017

Contest: Nigerian Heritage Photo Data

About wiki loves earth

Wiki loves earth is a photographic

Wiki loves earth in Nigeria

competition held annually during the period of May-June/July as location permits. This competition is organized by the Wikipedia community to show case earths heritage of a particular country by taking beautiful photos of earths beautiful scene.

Wiki loves earth is moderated by local Wikipedia affiliates to help organize the local contest.

Wiki loves earth in Nigeria

The year 2017 is a good one for Nigerians just only because of the recognizance of Nigeria by Wikipedia, but by the successes achieved in the entertainment industry (specifically, the one I can account for), where Wizkid was nominated for Grammy Awards, Davido, Tekno, Eazi and Wizkid again nominated for BET AWARDS on different categories.
The Wikimedia event is themed at disseminating the photo shots taken from the local heritages in Nigeria for the world to take note of for free on wiki platform. This practice has begun  four years ago (2013)precisely and has had other countries participated in the Wiki loves earth contest. This year’s contest would see one African country; Nigeria participate while nine other countries from CEE (Central and Eastern European) participate and they are:
  1. Moldova,
  2. Bulgaria,
  3. Georgia,
  4. Azerbaijan, 
  5. Greece,
  6.  Latvia, 
  7. Russia, 
  8. Serbia and the WLE inventor
  9. Ukraine
The contest is made possible by one of Wikipedia’s subsidiaries, the WIKI MEDIA COMMONS, and this practice of taking Naturescape photos is primarily for the sole purpose of picture references to depict the real nature of a given Landscape as the case may be. The pictures also serve as a convincing factor when convincing readers of any Wikipedia projects.
The pictures can also be downloaded for free and can be used for any other project the possessor wants to embark on for free. The advantage of the whole thing for the participants are; they get a chance to be taken note of by the international community because any photo uploaded are licenced by the author of that photo and appropriate credit are given.

How to participate in Wiki Loves Earth in Nigeria 2017

  1. Prepare your photos of any Nigerian natural heritage site
  2. Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikimedia Commons
  3. Name your photos well Use our Upload Button at the top OR Click here to upload as many as you can
  4. Share your upload success on social media with our hashtags: #WLENigeria #WLE2017.
  5. And wait patiently for the results! All the best!

Participating conditions for Wiki Loves Earth in Nigeria 2017

  1.  All entries must be your own work
  2. All photos must be uploaded within June 2017, to be eligible
  3. All photos must be licensed CC BY-SA 4.0
  4. Participants must have an active email account, if the organizers wish to contact.

Photos to upload for the competition:

The photos to upload are of different categories and they include:

Ponds, Rivers and Lake

  1. Asejire Reservoir
  2. Lake Chad
  3. Oguta Lake
  4. River Niger
  5. Ogun River
  6. Osun River
  7. Ogunpa River
  8. Erinle River
  9. Ose River
  10. Kam River
  11. Kai River
  12. Faro River
  13. Kaduna River


  1. Chappal Waddi
  2. Mount Dimlang
  3. Shere Hills

Game reserves

  1. Borgu Game Reserve – Kogi
  2. Boshi Game Reserve – Cross River
  3. Folgore Games Reserve – Kano
  4. Karimbela Game Reserves – Taraba
  5. Okwangwo Game Reserve – Cross River
  6. Sambisa Game Reserve – Borno
  7. Upper Ogun Games Reserve – Oyo
  8. Wikki Lake Burra Game Reserve – Bauchi
  9. Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi


  1. Sambisa forest
  2. Kamuku Forest Kaduna
  3. Yan Mangu Forest Zamfara
  4. Edumanom Forest Bayelsa
  5. Osun Sacred Grove forest Osun
  6. Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi
  7. Igbele Forest, Delta
  8. Falgore Forest Kano



  • Natural areas and Places
  • Caves
  • Main Rivers
  • All Animals, Plants and Flowers Within Nature.
  • Climates
  • Natural areas in Nigeria
  • List of national parks of Nigeria

The aim of WLE in Nigeria

The main aim of the WLE in Nigeria is to contribute free-licensed images of natural heritages in Nigeria.

Time schedule

Start date: 10 June 2017
End date : 10 July 2017
Results: 10 August 2017


  1. 70,000 NGN
  2. 50,000 NGN
  3. 40,000 NGN
Other categories
Top Contributor (by numbers of photographs) 20,000 NGN
Top 10 contributors (by number of photographs) will be rewarded with WLE T-shirt and all participants of the competition will be rewarded by certificate of Participation.


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  2. Write a blog post about us
  3. Take part in the contest
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