Reasons Why Your Unique Contents Don’t Rank High on Google

How to Rank High  on Google Search Engine Result Page

To rank high on Google search engine result page is dependent on certain number of criteria. And am going to elaborate more of each points given.

Before I start explaining the reasons why your unique contents doesn’t rank high on Google search engine. I am going to give you the explanation guide lines. Just follow my lead.

To rank high on Google result page in other to out beat the competition you would need to be mindful of the following:

First step: Readability of your article

Second step: Keyword management scheme

STEP 1: Reading Your article

For your post to stand a better chance to rank high on google you have to make your post article readable. How do one achieve it? It’s simple, all you need do is write out a simple article that a 12 years old child can read and understand.

All texts, phrases and vocabulary structuring must be easy to understand. To achieve that here are the simple guidelines to follow for achieving a better rank on Google first page.

  1. Use of transitional words
  2. Flesch reading ease
  3. Length of sentence, paragraph and post
  4. Passive voice


To optimize your post to rank high on Google you would need to make use of Transition. Transitioning is an important thing to consider if you want to achieve a high readability score so your readers can be able to read and understand. Post transitioning can give you a clear post navigation system which can result to high Google ranking because Semantic search algorithm would understand the content of your post better.

So when someone searches with a phrase on google search and your post was optimized for that keyword. You would definitely have a good Semantic assessment provided all other criteria later to be discussed here is practiced.

Transition words in simple language is the skeletal structure of your post. To obtain this goal, you are required to list out the points you are going to explain in the post. Listing out points are necessary and are done in a sequential order to achieve high google rank in the long run.

The format below shows you how to structure your post to be ‘transition word’ complaint.

You can order your posts by these methods:

Thematic ordering: It’s how you order your post by theme or topic.

Chronological ordering: It’s how you order your post by from neither new-old nor old-new.

Didactic Ordering: It’s the ordering sequence that deals with ordering from easy-old.

Problems-Solutions: This one is self explanatory, you just need to order your post first by creating a problem and then giving out the solutions below.

Not on any post article should you carry out all this ordering process. Just pick out the one that is relevant to your article format. Like on this post am making use of Thematic ordering so as to rank high on Google.


Flesch reading ease formula is used to grade the readability of your post/article. Flesch Rudolph designed it as an Austrian with a PhD in English from Columbia University.

Many bloggers make use of the Flesch reading ease so they can rank high on Google result page.

If you want to know the readability score of your page/post via Flesch reading ease formula, try the online Flesch reading ease tools.


To rank high on Google, you should be able to understand Google algorithmic rules before you start implementing on them.

The length of a sentences,paragraphs and entire post have to be watched and optimized for readability. Readability is also a factor to consider if you want to rank high on Google SERP.

The reason I said so is simple. If Google Rankbrain can crawl your content and understand the writers intent, that means an increase in search engine result page ranking. Provided you comply with all the contents outlined in this article.

Achieve a high page rank by making your post readable and understandable by kids from ages-11 upwards. How do we do that?

  • Make sure 90% of your sentences doesn’t exceed a number of 20-25 words. (A sentence ends with a full stop [.])
  • Make sure 90% of each paragraphs doesn’t exceed 300 words.
  • To have a good SEO score make sure your entire post has enough words at least exceeds 900 words.

Quality contents could means enough text that backs your topic, so try to research more of your topic and keyword. By so doing you would have enough text to have on your page post.


Passive voice occurs if the noun or noun phrase that would be the object of an active sentence appears as the subject of a sentence with passive voice.

Articles which have more than 30% of its sentences written in passive voice has a high tendency of falling short of readability score.

To rank high in google search result page you would need to make your post very readable and understandable thereby avoiding the use of passive sentences.

Obvious attributes of a passive sentence is when a sentence is written in a passive form ( more of reporting speech) which makes use of past tense.

E.g according to YOAST examples;
This product can be bought in our webshop. (Passive)

Customers can buy this product in our webshop. (The better alternative).

PS: Sentences Must be composed of over 80% of active sentences.


Getting a high rank on Google mostly consist of a good SEO practice.

Let me just go straight to the point explaining this part but before I do so let me highlight the process thematically.

Keyword usage:

In other to have a good page ranking, you would need to optimize your post for a keyword. Do a keyword research using Google keyword planner to check the search metrics people use to search for things on Google.

Google keyword planner helps content creators to do a research to determine how many times people search for that word.

Remember that keywords with high search metrics has high traffic returns. But the competition is what you should consider. My tips for you if you are new to blogging is to start to use keywords with low competition to optimizing for higher Google ranking.

You grow with time when you have started earning organic traffic it might lead to quality backlinks. Once you start receiving backlinks from sites with high D.A (Domain Authority) then you may consider joining the competition form medium to high.

Now that you have chosen your keyword to use for your post, you should be these optimization tips into considerations:

  • Exact Keyword should be present in the post URL
  • First paragraph should begin with the Keyword
  • Keyword should me present in the meta description of the post title
  • Try to make the Keyword appear at least on 40% of your sub-headings
  • The feature image an/or other images should have the exact keyword on the ALT+Text section of the image properties.

Post length

The minimum post length for an article that wants to rank high on Google should be at least 900 word count. Also try to make your keyword appear in every 150 word.


To hyperlink means to embed a link to an anchored text. There must be an outbound (link that leads outside the URL of the blog) in the post. Convince readers more by adding external sources . So if you want your readers to understand more than the way you explained, Give them a reliable source to confirm from.

There should be an inbound link also if you want your post to have a good SEO structure. Even if that post is your first post, try to link a new post to the former provided it provides solution to the readers.

All these are necessary for On-page SEO. Failure to implement all these would be tantamount to reasons why your unique contents wouldn’t Rank High on Google.

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