Open Wema ALAT Account in 5 Minutes, no whining!!

How to open WEMA ALAT Account online

Wema ALAT account opening is currently in vogue as Wema Bank Nig PLC lauched the Wema ALAT platform early May 2017.

Wema ALAT is designed to tackle the hassle and inefficiency of the Nigerian banking system.

ALAT by WEMA is said to be the first  fully digitized banking platform in Nigeria. This new banking system launched by Wema is too good to believe in.

Just imagine you staying at home to open a 100% savings account that works perfectly like other type of bank account.

Alat by Wema is like a dream come through to many Nigerians (Like me) because we consider going to the bank physically is an experience not comforting. With  Wema ALAT you can have a fully functional bank account without necessarily going to any bank.

Account opening for Wema ALAT is very easy to a point that even an 11 years old kid can open an account with Wema ALAT.

The process involved to own and operate a Wema Alat account is a easy a 1-2-3. All applications are done online with either the ALAT app or on the ALAT portal via PC web browser (Desktop and Laptop).

>Download Wema ALAT APP on Google play store

>>Download Wema ALAT APP on Apple’s Itunes

Steps on how to open a Wema ALAT account online

To open a Wema ALAT account online below are the steps taken on how to open a wema alat account online.

  1. Log on to, on the upper right of the homepage, click sign up.
  2. Fill in your phone number previously linked to an existing bank account and click on sign wema alat accoun
  3. The next page would be for you to add your BVN gotten from any of your previous bank and DOB (date of birth) that corresponds with your other bank that issued you BVN. Then click next and follow the next wema alat accoun
  4.  Sooner than 10 secs an alert notification from wema ALAT showing you your OTP code to input during registration. Input it while you carefully edit or modify your details. This needs to be corrected before final submission because through that your provided BVN your personal details from your previous bank would appear on your screen.
  5. Once that is done, you would see your dashboard before you

What set of data am I to fill so that my ALAT account would be active

In other to have an Active Wema Alat account, below are the list of necessary data to fill;

SET 1: Scroll your mouse down till your cursor points at profile. open wema alat account

STEP 2: On your profile page you would be asked to link your BVN first so if you had done that in the beginning of the process then no need to add BVN.

Just click on >>Personal information and fill all the real details about you. But before you are about to do so, you are required to create an ALAT PIN. Once you follow the prompt and create a simple unforgettable 4 digit pin.

Log out and sign in again because if you don’t, the session would not update your record and as such it will keep prompting you to create an alat pin over and over again.

STEP 3: Fill in correctly your Contact details on the tab provided on your alat profile page.

STEP 4: Upload all required documents asked of you in the Document tab. In the next sub heading below, you would see all documents needed and the ones that are initially not compulsory. Although they are all important, only the Account mandate signature is initially required.

So upload it (account mandate signature) or them all so your ALAT account would be set active immediately.

STEP 5: Next of keen data is the last thing to fill on the wema alat profile page. Click and fill in your next of keen details.

Once each and every of these steps above are done with, you would be prompted to enter your Wema ALAT pin and security answer box to fill in your answer from one of the security questions set during sign up.

To have an active wema account you would need to fill of these:

  1. Link BVN
  2. Personal information
  3. Contact details
  4. Documents
  5. Next of Kin

Remember to at least upload your mandate signature in the document section of your profile before your account would like mine below.

open wema alat accoun

Once your account looks like mine above. it means your account is active. So when you visit your dashboard you would notice that the red inactive point light would be turned to green active lights.

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When you have attained this level, the you can send or receive normal funds with your wema alat account instantly.

Your  ten (10) digit account number is displayed on your dashboard. For testing it out, use an atm machine, quickteller platformon web,your bank transfer short code or mobile banking app to conduct a transfer to your new wema bank account.

The fund would be created instantly even before the sender account receives a debit alert. Not on all case ooh!

Documents needed to open a Wema ALAT account online

To open a Wema ALAT account you are required to update your profile with the following documents:

  1. Account mandate picture (Profile pic)
  2. Account mandate signature ♠
  3. Utility Bill ( Any of these: Electricity, Water,Waste, Telephone, Internet, Students hall of  residence allocation letter,Nysc call up letter)
  4. Identity Card ( Any of these: International passport, Drivers licence, National I.D, Permanent voters card, University students I.D, Letter of admission, Nysc call up letter, Letter of introduction)

Under the Document section of your Wema ALAT profile page, above are the document required to activate your Wema ALAT account. The one marked with the black spade symbol ♠ is the initial Must required.

You can upload other documents later at your convenience now that is not set compulsory on initial account opening.

Account mandate picture is like uploading a profile picture for your wema alat account profile. Account mandate signature for instance is like making use of online sketch pad tool or picture/photo editor tools of your mobile or making use of your snipping tool editor, Corel draw etc to carve out your signature and saving the file as either a .jpeg or .png format to be used as account mandate signature.

Utility bill  is initially not compulsory but if need be then you are allowed to upload just a webshot from pc  or camshot from mobile device. Reassuringly you can upload your utility bill as a scan and upload document.

Recently when wema alat gave me an alert notification they said; I can also make use of my house rent receipt to upload as a utility bill. You can apply this method too.

Identity card is initially not compulsory but when the required is needed you can upload  any I.d listed above. If you don’t have a National ID, Drivers licence or International passport, obviously your letter of admissionsNYSC call up letter or even your Students ID can be used.

  1. Features of Wema ALAT account

The features included in wema alat account is copiously fascinating. Below are the features of wema bank ALAT.

  1. Physical MasterCard ATM card
  2. Flexible banking system
  3. Can transfer funds using short code or online either PC or app
  4. You also can buy airtime from different networks
  5. Flexibility to load data of various amount and data volume independent of which network carrier.

The “Burst my brain”of Wema ALAT

  1. Request for ATM card immediately account has been created as your balance is still N0.00
  2. Choose your custom ATM card design for free.
  3. Card delivery to your exact location under 2 business days if you reside in Lagos, or at most 3 business days outside Lagos state
  4. Card delivery is FREE
  5. You can use the card to pay adverts bill ( Facebook $ Instagram, Twitter,Google and LinkedIn ads)
  6. Fund your Wema ALAT account with ATM of previous card or account of any bank both local and international debit or credit card can work.
  7. Wema Alat account can be opened within five (5) Minutes.

use this 3FZ6VI code as referral on the box provided during registration

Any help or questions, do let me in the comment section below, email inquiry mail us at, sms only: 08118212762


More about wema bank alat>> To be updated

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