Legit Waec runs 2018

Legit waec runs 2018, this waec runs is real 


Congratulations dear esteemed reader for prying into our 2018 waec runs by mmmcentraloffice. As you know that mmmcentraloffice is all about education and technology respectively which in summary is all for you, yes you! So seize this waec runs opportunity to scale through this 2018.

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Waec runs this year has an entirely different package unlike JAMB ,whose runs package is rather risky or unpredictable due to technical problems involving jambs inability to code or program their network properly which now makes dissemination of jamb runs very costly , which now brings us to waec runs.

There are lots of reasons to opt in for waec runs this year and after reading through and you find yourself in any or all the categories mentioned therein, you would be compelled to apply and register your waec runs package with us. Our packages come with guarantee and cheap.


Waec runs is mainly for those who are just rounding up in their senior secondary education this year, who has already written jamb and has awaiting result in their utme registration form field. Now if you have just written jamb without previous waec results this waec runs is for you.
Interestingly you have written and passed your utme exams successfully and that is a 1/3 for you! Let me explain. In Nigeria today, gaining admissions into tertiary institutions today is of 3 major steps. Of which you know jamb is the 1st o’level (waec/neco) results is the 2nd and lastly is your post utme commonly referred to as Aptitude Test right? OK.

So once you have crossed the first utme gate and you don’t have your waec results complete there is no point for you to go further to the 3rd phase which eventually gives you admissions right? So what’s the need of going for post utme when your waec issues have not being cleared? Sorry to break your heart with the raw truth to you, Utme Newbie’s. Don’t just parade about because you got 250 in jamb- which is a more reason you should sit down and plan ahead crossing the next gate to admissions this year.

Having 2/3 this year is tantamount to gaining admission into Nigerian universities, why not double chance your opportunity and make it once and for all and leave those at home wallowing on themselves about jambs failure towards them.
Waec runs this year is also for those who annually pass their jamb but has one or two issues in their waec results preventing them from being a tertiary student. Most people gain admissions but due to missing results as regards to subject failure that student end up forfeiting the admissions that year while doing her clearance at the admin office.

These are steps on how our waec runs would be carefully handled, for those of our interested candidates who want to make it in the admissions list this year should read carefully the terms and conditions of our waec runs and package.


We have 15 tutorial qualified staff ready for waec runs deployment this year unlike last year we only depended on three principal teachers. This year our waec runs has being fully upgraded by twelve (12) teachers more and the waec runs teachers and subjects includes:

1.      Further mathematics.

2.      English language.

3.      Physics

4.      Chemistry

5.      Biology

6.      Mathematics

7.      C.R.S

8.      Economics

9.      Data processing

10.  Financial accounting

11.  Auto mechanics

12.  Literature in English

13.  Home management

14.  Food and nutrition

15.  Government

16.  Commerce

All these teachers are currently in the educational system for years and have their various qualifications ranging from N.C.E to B.Sc, M.Sc, and B.A respectively and are 100% ready and certified for waec runs by mmmcentraloffice.


We don’t send questions to your email box or sms to your phone some hours before the exams. Rather we work through the questions ourselves by the particular tutor in charge based on his subject of profession. After scouring through the waec runs questions and debugging the answers, we mail the waec runs to your email box and simultaneously to your phone via sms, so whichever comes handy to you first you begin your download.


Your waec runs would be delivered to you 2 hours before the commencement of any exams, which would give you time to go through your waec runs.
Waec runs answers would be sent to your email address you provided and also the whatsapp number you applied for. This is a 2 way plan that is designed to help candidates just in case they find it difficult to load their email the whatsapp/sms alternative would also be made available to them. Having problems on waec runs logistics? Worry not! Cause we got you covered.


We deliver 7 subjects of choice to our candidates and giving them 2 compulsory subjects for free of which is English language and mathematics for the 2018 waec runs.
For 7 subjects of choice you would pay a fee of N15000 (Fifteen thousand naira only).
For any single selected subject you would pay a fee of N4000 (Four thousand naira only).
Paying for each subject is 4k and you want 3 subjects to be delivered to you, would be paying 12k for only 3 plus our English and mathematics bonus for the waec runs.

BENEFITS OF WAEC RUNS BY mmmcentraloffice 

1.      When you pay for a single subject, you get both the objectives and answers and if it has practical, you don’t need to pay extra; your fee covers all the waec runs.
2.      Scholarship to Canada, England, America, Cyprus and all other countries Nigeria has Bilateral relationships with would offer you admissions because we guarantee you a maximum of 5A’s and minimum of 3B’s in your waec runs which is a perfect criteria for federal scholarship board of Nigeria.

3.      In cases where your invigilator(s) does not give in to waec runs, your alternative would be waec runs by mmmcentraloffice of which you have received the already solved answers 2 hours before the time.
4.      We send your waec runs answers to your phone via whatsapp and sms; we also send you waec runs to your inbox, giving the best chances during waec exams.


1.      Interested candidates that want to apply for the 2018 waec runs should contact us via email waec@mmmcentraloffice.com for bank details.
2.      Candidates who have paid for waec runs should send to us payment details via sms with the subjects registered for waec runs.
3.      While paying in –into the bank specifically for waec runs, put your full name, reasons for payments and phone number in the bank teller fields respectively.

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