How to grow your bald hair, beards and hair in 10 days

Proven ways to grow your beards spontaneously

Reading this post means you are looking for these solution:

  1. I want to stop having bald hair
  2. I want my hair to grow rapidly
  3. I want to grow my beards

Have you been wondering why you cannot grow beards like your mates do? Probably you might want to be among those who keep and groom beards because of the following reasons below.

Andrea hair growth essence
Original (Unmixed) for growing beards

I want to have side beards or (bia bia, lol) because:
•    It’s gonna make me look matured
•    It’s gonna make me look responsible
•    It’s gonna make me feel good
•    I think am going to look cute

Whatever single reasons categorized above or all of the above that made you read this article, we are giving you a positive affirmation that you are right on track. But before we pass on the necessary requirement needed to start growing beards, we would first explain some concepts to you for proper understanding.
You should keep reading this post below if you want.

The Razor myth

You must have heard of the saying that goes ‘if you shave off your newly growing facial hair, it then grows faster’, that has been a trend within the boys I knew who wanted to groom them. But truth is told there is no scientifically backing of that statement.

That can never become a fact; instead the more you shave continuously, the lazier it grows because it makes the skin looks dirty and when your skin is dirty it blocks the pore spaces between your skin and hair follicle.

Andrea hair growth
Original (unmixed) Andrea hair growth

If the pore spaces are not properly aired and proteinous nutrients necessary for hair growth pass through (coconut oil etc) or no space for new hair strand to shoot out, there would be slow or no hair growth at all.


There are medical advice that would tell you to have enough rest, but what has rest got to do with beards, when one has to be up and doing, just because you want to grow facial beards, one has to start sleeping all the time whereas you’ve got to hustle? No. So I see that stress therapy has impractical.

Exercise regularly

Of a truth exercising is good to a healthy living but there is no exercise-meter that you can use to measure the level or amount of exercise needed to grow beards, goatee or a mustache. I don’t advertise against exercising, but exercising for hair growth is like driving on a bare road with traffic or street sign (you would keep going on and on, thinking that the destination is still ahead of you).


Smoking is obviously injurious to health and this is the only explanation that correlates with slow or now hair growth at all. Smoking weakens the immune system and has nicotine which can block or narrow the easy flow of blood transportation.
If there is a questionable amount of nicotine content  in one’s body, it can reduce the ability of nutrients to be absorbed in a body. If that be the case it’s going slow or stop the supply of necessary nutrients required for the hair follicles to grow hairs expediently.

Recommendations to increase hair growth two times (2x) / three times faster (3x)
Recent study has shown that there can be alternate method aside the ones listed above can boost hair growth tremendously without consulting a dermatologist or surgerical procedures. They say a well informed person never misses road, that is why am going to introduce to you the ultimate formula am used in growing stunted hairs, curing bald hair and increase face hair, goatee and mustache.

But before I can describe the product to you, I would briefly tell you the nutrients, supplements and usage.

Name of supplement: Andrea Treatment + Hair growth Essence
Nutrients/ Ingredients: It contains Ginger, Ginseng, Local festival, Fleece-flower root, grape seed oil.

You must have heard about Andrea hair treatment probably with Essence hair growth. But you should know that this product is all over online shopping mall, like Amazon, Jumia, Konga, etc. But most of the vendors who use these various platforms to sell are not trust worthy or reliable.

Truthfully this product is initially sold on, the initial marketers, but various vendors buy and resell them on Jumia diluted, that we wouldn’t do. Some also sell the Andrea hair treatment only without the essence hair grower or vice versa for different prices that we wouldn’t do also.

Some claim that the prices are as low as N3, 000. Ask properly if the products (Andrea + Essence) are both sold from China and US from between $10-$20 (assuming shipping is free), why then is the price that low.

I Google searched Andrea hair treatment + Essence hair growth and stumbled upon a product for value of N300 (Three hundred naira) and I checked on the customer review and all of them complained about the product been filled with water.

What we offer

We guarantee you of a perfect product sealed and unhampered, initially Andréa is sold independently, but we add then essence plus free delivery to wherever you are in Nigeria. We either make use of courier service or pass them through waybill. Whatever the method maybe you would get your product in 1-2 business days depending on your location, billing is free.

Even though you cannot buy our product and you would want to increase the growth of bald hair or you beards, goatee or mustache, use the above explained factors and work on it to get results, also the plants displayed above can be used provided you know the application.

If you have a change or heart to try our product, we assure you of quality and application methods would be detailed to you any how you want to be tutored.

We have tested it and seen results also with other of our customers that have tried it also. Once you start applications your result would begin manifesting 7-10 days of application.

Call 08134790061(whatsapp), 08118212762, 09090668983

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