Create and Own an Advertising Network Free

Create and Own an Advertising Network Free

Are you a Business owner or you have a merchant group or you want to start running a sole proprietorship Business like Addynamo, Prestadng etc and you feel you have all it takes, then lets roll.
Knowing the Business. 
Advertising website and ad Network script
Ad network website script is a fully featured ad server, ad network and advertising script. It provide advertisers and publishers panels. It is a complete ad serving software to run an advertising network website.
You can bring advertiser and publisher panels together that gives you an advantage over current market ad serving scripts. It is completely custom developed based on unique technology.
Value and Benefits
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Create an advertising network for free
  • Free updates and upgrades
  • 6 months technical support

Script Features

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Javascript based ad serving
  3. Pay per click and Pay per Impression, pay per action
  4. Real time bidding system
  5. IP Capping
  6. Country wise cpc,cpm rates
  7. Country, Region , Language, Operating System and GSM Carrier targeting
  8. Mobile device targeting
  9. Mobile Ads and Mobile Redirects
  10. Text, Image and Flash Ads
  11. POP Up and POP Under
  12. In Player Video Ads
  13. Multi Ad Centers
  14. Multi-Languages (English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Turkish)
  15. Newsletter/Mass Mailer
  16. Campaign Management
  17. Campaign Reports
  18. Keyword and Niche targeting campaigns
  19. Languages targeting campaigns
  20. Platform targeting campaigns
  21. Country targeting campaigns
  22. GSM Carrier targeting campaigns
  23. Ads Management
  24. Ads Reports and Custom Reports
  25. CPM,CTR,CPC,CPA,Convetion and real time tacking
  26. Funds management and funds swap between accounts
  27. News Alerts and Support
  28. Affliates
  29. Publisher Panel
  30. Advertiser Panel
  31. Merged Advertiser and Publisher Accounts
  32. Ant-cheat and invalid activity detector and resolution module
  33. Multi Currencies (USD, AUD, EURO, SGD, GBP, CAD, HKD, Japnese YEN)
  34. Payment Gateways (Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney,Payoneer,Paxum and Credit Card)
  35. Support Tickets
  36. Admin Panel

Build Your Ad Network: The Five Step Guide

  1. Clarify your offering.
  2. Tee up a few “friendlies.
  3. Choose a network management platform.
  4. Develop a set of unique ad products.    
  5. Scale the business.. see more here

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See the answers to some frequently asked questions.

1. How do you build a successful advertising network?

Once you’ve positioned your company and your brand for competitive advantage, you need to ensure the following four elements are in place – and operating at a high level:

No human could manage all the moving pieces that comprise an ad network. But great technology ensures results for both publishers and advertisers. It’s our job to stay up to date on the latest offerings and know which solutions will be best for your company.
Business Development
Hiring 47 Media ensures you have an expert business development team on your side.
Unique Advertising Products
A differentiated ad product is something that is scarce, creative, useful to the user, drives performance for the advertiser, and is fun.
Core Values
Service, innovation, dynamism, ethics and integrity.

2. I’ve built a successful website or service. Now, what should I do to increase my CPMs and revenue?

Talk to 47 Media. We’ll develop a strategy that quickly builds the most advertiser value. We’ll take a look at the unique elements of your website and at the landscape of ad products in the current market. Then, we’ll build a plan that maintains high CPMs without jeopardizing user affinity.

3. Why is starting a partnership with 47 Media better than hiring our own in-house team?

47 Media is ready to produce on day one. You can avoid the expensive executive searches, ramp-up, and training. We’re the plug-and-play alternative that delivers results immediately. Full-time employees are monetarily expensive when you consider health care, insurance, and office overhead, and temporally costly when you include learning curve and training. With 47 Media, you get your own dedicated team to do it right the first time.

4. What’s the best way to use 47 Media’s services?

Growth stage companies need to embrace the fragmentation n of the web in order to scale revenues, and 47 Media makes that happen. The best way to use us is to see us as a division of your company: keep communication open, involve us in executive meetings, and don’t be afraid to give us regular feedback so we can do what do, but better.

5. What is an online media strategist?

The constantly evolving new media landscape can be treacherous without the right guide. A media strategist keeps abreast of trends, technology solutions, and pricing. At 47 Media, we take it to the next level. We’ll actually negotiate on your behalf to get you the best vendor rates available.
From your offline media property to your online strategy, our team provides total network management. With over 10 years of industry experience, we can consistently predict shifts before they happen. And that means you get the right support — faster, and where you need it most.

6. What do you need to be successful in the online media business?

The only constant in the world of online media is change. To succeed, you have to be able to turn on a dime and move quickly. It all comes down to brand, communication, and technology. The companies that succeed are the ones that get it right; they provide value to users. When you deliver on a real need, value is guaranteed. That’s why we don’t build products just for advertisers. The masses decide — and we listen.

7. Why don’t ad networks do a better job of selling publisher inventory?

Since they don’t get to know their publishers’ capabilities, they can’t sell creatively. On the other hand, publishers don’t always understand the advertising sales process. We help educate on both fronts. From the brand to the publisher, communication needs to be concise. We help make that happen.

8. What important trends are occurring on the web right now?

Online consumption is no longer focused on large, high-reach portals like Yahoo, AOL and MSN. Users increasingly gravitate to specialized content sites and blogs. More than ever, consumers are invited to create content and interact with brands directly. There is a notable trend toward more authentic and interactive experiences.

9. What are vertical ad networks? Why are they important?

Vertical networks are specialized affinity groups. They are the market’s response to increasingly fragmented media consumption. These days, content categories naturally need to form to ensure efficiency in media buying. When you pull together a network of cooking sites, their reach is more meaningful and valuable as a group. Clusters of small “mom and pop� sites are valued as authentic content users trust.

10. What are the various technology options available for managing an ad network?

To manage all the moving pieces of an online network between hundreds of publishers and dozens of advertisers, different payouts, and thousands of calculations per second, you need an ad network management platform. Just five years ago, a company would have had to build their own, but today there is a wide assortment of licensable options.
Here’s a short list of the various technology platforms available.

Collective Media AMP
Google/Doubleclick Network Builder
BURST! Ad Conductor
AdTech Adserver
Operative: Partner 360
Right Media,4.php

 Technology Used

  1. PHP & MySQL
  2. Jquery
  3. Ajax
  4. HTML & CSS
  5. CSS3
  6. Flash
  7. Smarty template engine

Advertisers Features

Publishers Features
  • Targetted campaigns
  • Custom Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Multiple Ad format
  • Device and Platform targetting
  • Funds Management
  • Expense Reports
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthy and Custom Reports
  • Transactions History

Server/Hosting Requiremets

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Detailed Ad Stats
  • Website Income Reports
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
  • Ads Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Multiple Withdrawal Options
  • News and Updates 
  •  Apache Web Server
  • PHP 5.3+ upto 5.6
  • MySQL
  • HTACCESS Enabled
  • ionCube Loader

Costs :$499.99

Whatsapp: +2348134790061
  Note: We help you with the primary set up and registration.It is a 30 minutes set up time.

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