7 steps to make adsense appear in the center of a blog post

How to fix adsense ad code to appear in the middle of blog post

There are various ways to make your adsense ads display in the center of your blog post. I once thought that for you to have your advert displayed in the middle of your blog post you need to have a wordpress site whereby you make use of special plugins. Little did I know that there are some white hat trick to use to play with your HTML theme in blogger. Let me show you How I Make Adsense Appear In Middle Of Blogger Posts 

Steps to insert adsense code 

1.Login to your blogger account
2. Click on theme, then click on ‘Edit Html’
 Click on theme, then click on ‘Edit Html’
3. Hold ‘CTRL+ F‘ and then a search box appears
copy the JQuery script  you see below, input it in the search box  and hit enter

7 steps to make adsense appear in the center of a blog post
Hold the CTRL + F to find the selected code snippet

If you find it shout hallelujah and move to next step, if you didn’t see it quickly make use of your short cut key CTRL + F and search for

, place the code above it.

Having done that save your work and check for error messages, if no error, kneel down and say a thank you prayer to your God and then continue to the next level.

 4. Now make use of your search box and look out for insert the below code directly above the body tag you just searched for.

Save your template and move to the next level.
5. Using your search box again, look for this code snippet  most times it appears more than once in a blogger template, but if you are using the new SOHO template by blogger you would encounter the code once, if that be your case replace it the code you see below:



Now save your work again and continue.

6. Login to your Adsense account, go to your Ads Tab and select any ad code of choice, but I recommend a square Text/Image adcode. Copy the adsense code you want to use and quickly open a new tab and search for http://html-to-xml-parser.blogspot.com/, Once the page has loaded, you would see an empty box, paste your adsense code and hit enter once, then you would notice that your adsense code has been parsed. Copy the Code and place it directly under the previous code you pasted on your template, but see the line in which you would need to insert it.

 Place it directly under this line  

That is where to place parse adsense code

7. Now you are done, hit SAVE,  If you still have problems placing your adsense code to show ads in the middle of your blog post, use the comment box to reach out to me.

 That is How I Make Adsense Appear In Middle Of Blogger Posts 

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